Monday, October 20, 2014

Svn client error svn: E160006: Invalid revision number '-1'

Topic : svn: E160006: Invalid revision number '-1' 

I have recently come across this error when I installed the svn client on my machine. I have the latest version of tortoise svn client on my local machine. After install I used to get this weird error when ever I used to do check out.


Unexpected HTTP status 500 'Server Error' on
Additional errors:
svn: E160006: Invalid revision number '-1'

 I goggled a lot but nothing seems to work. Finally I figured out. The client and server versions are not same then I downloaded the same version of the tortoise client as of server. Then it seemed to work fine.

Conclusion :

Try to download the tortoise svn of same version as of server and it seems to work fine without any problem.

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