Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Generate sql file from EXPDP/IMPDP

It’s straight forward to generate DDL SQL Script from any specific schema. However, it has nothing to do with expdp.

expdp arvind/password schemas=hr directory=DPUMP dumpfile=HR_2014_08_13.dmp logfile=impsql_HR_2014_08_13.log

while importing you need to specify .sql file name using impdp, it will generate DDL SQL Script for any specific schema.

 [oracle@qpdbdev202 dpump]$ impdp arvind/password directory=DPUMP  dumpfile=HR_2014_08_13.dmp sqlfile=HR_2014_08_13.sql logfile=impsql_HR_2014_08_13.log

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