Sunday, December 13, 2015

UNIX Permissions - table

Unix/Linux Permissions:

Here is the list of values and what they stand for in unix folder/directory permissions.Basically it is a simple you can count the value by using octa decimal binary numbers 421 :

See below image 

Value 0 directory listing is 000 = 0+0+0 
Value 1 directory listing is 001 = 0+0+1
Value 2 directory listing is 020 = 0+0+0  

This is where they gain their permission from :

so simple chmod 1 will give execute only permision on file/folder
so simple chmod 2 will give write only permision on file/folder
so simple chmod 3 will write & execute permision on file/folder

chmod 775 test.txt >> this mean 7 for 

UNIX Permissions

ValuePermissionDirectory Listing
0No read, no write, no execute---
1No read, no write, execute--x
2No read, write, no execute-w-
3No read, write, execute-wx
4Read, no write, no executer--
5Read, no write, executer-x
6Read, write, no executerw-
7Read, write, executerwx

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